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Is the loan outside the bank safe? We asked dozens of people about that. The answers were diverse. They also reflected on people’s experience with loans. The first group of people said they would never borrow. They just don’t like the feeling they owe it somewhere. The second group replied that a non-bank loan can be safe, but it depends on which provider we choose. The last respondents told us that they are currently repaying the loan and have no problems with it.

Conditions inside and outside the bank

bank loan

If we decide to borrow at a bank, we should prepare for different requirements than when borrowing from a non-banking company. In banking institutions, they will generally lend to those who are confident that they will be able to repay the entire loan on time. It is intended primarily for clients who are employed full-time for more than 3 months and for an indefinite period of time. Also the amount of income plays a role here, but if you fall into this category you have the highest chance of getting money. Also, we should not forget that you must not be kept in the register of debtors Solus or in other negative registers. Unfortunately, if you are in insolvency or a distraint order, you are also without a chance.

A loan without a bank or a so – called non – bank loan is for clients who to some extent do not meet the requirements of banks. You can get a loan even if you are on probation or only on a temporary job. Many companies also do not look into the register of debtors. This type of loan is called a loan without a register. Mothers on maternity leave, pensioners and students are frequent applicants.

The non-bank loan has made great progress. Thanks to the large number of providers, everyone really chooses. Many people say: they will not lend me anywhere. We advise those trying out intermediaries who work with multiple providers. Just fill in one form, you can get more offers and then choose. This will save you a lot of time filling in dozens of applications everywhere. In principle, avoid paying fees in advance.

When not to borrow?

In some situations, it is better to stun and prefer not to borrow. Which are they? Loan not things we don’t need. More and more people are financing appliances through expensive loans, which is unnecessary. You can save on such things yourself. Pickling an old loan with another loan. You can get into big problems very easily. If you have multiple loans try to get loan consolidation, the so-called merging loans into one and more convenient. Another inconvenience is a loan for holiday or Christmas gifts. If you do not have a steady income, we do not recommend it. Beware of business representatives who will urge you to sign.

How to choose a loan?

How to choose a loan?

We should only choose a non-bank loan after they have rejected us at the bank, because in most cases the loan at the bank is preferable. If you only need a small amount of up to CZK 10,000, you can take advantage of events such as the first free loan. Choose very carefully for high loans. You were interested in the interest rate and the approximate APRC. Consider the maturity date, note that the longer you pay back the more you pay. The best option is when the loan can be repaid early without any charges. Some companies will only borrow you if you guarantee property or land. Find reviews and ratings on multiple sites to help you make your choice.

What about the contract?

You should receive a contract before you raise money. There are several ways to sign it. The first is that you come to the company branch and sign it on site. If it is too far for you or you cannot come it can be emailed to you. You print it, sign it, and mail it back. Does that also not suit you? Some non-banking companies offer a courier to come to your home. For small loans it is possible to sign the contract electronically. It is up to you what option you choose anyway, read all documents sufficiently, so that the non-bank loan will not surprise you. More and more fair companies are trying to make contracts clear and understandable.

What a non-bank loan definitely not

Beware of dubious advertisements on the Internet and especially in various magazines. It happens very often that people fly to cheaters. This is largely due to the fact that we are already desperate and looking for any solution. Although it’s really very hard try to keep cool. A nonprofit organization or KRUK, which provides buy-out or legal services, can help. Still beware even companies that offer debt relief may charge very expensive fees.

Non-bank loan on hand or on account?

Getting money right into your account is now a more popular and in some cases much faster way. Of course there are people who don’t have an account. Because they cannot establish it because of execution on salary. They use relatives’ accounts or create children’s accounts. Attention, if you want to get a quick loan to an account that is not yours, this is not possible for 99% of companies. What about a hand loan or postal order? More and less providers will offer you this option. These loans are generally much more expensive.

Non-bank loan from people to people

This means we do not mean P2P loans, but that it is only a service. In the city you have several hairdressers that provide haircuts at different prices and it is up to you what you choose. The loan is more or less the same. Just choose the offer that suits you and don’t get pushed. A quick non-bank loan should be a service that really helps you. Often people get into trouble by their own fault. Laxiness and irresponsibility to meet financial obligations is very dangerous. Unfortunately, there is very little financial literacy in the Czech Republic and many citizens pay for it.

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